Ayurveda is one of the greatest gifts from the sages of ancient India to mankind.

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NEW ATTRACTION : Couch Potato to Fitness

Couch Potato to Fitness : —- Couch Potato to Fitness is a unique 2-months program based on Indian Ayurveda constitution, Indian super foods and simple exercises. The main aim is to make you fit and happy.

Panchkarma Treatment

The panchakarma therapy is essentially designed to restore the integrity of srotas (different channels of the body) system in the body in health and disease.


..Gastrointestinal Disorders ..Joint and Muscular disorders ..Anorectal Disease

Colon Cleansing Programme

It is the detoxification of body by using colon cleaning system like full body massage followed by medicated enemas.

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Dr. Shilpa Thorat

Ayurveda originated from Brahma, the creator of the universe.

With an M.D in Ayurveda, Dr.Shilpa Thorat is working as an independent Ayurvedic Physician since the past twelve years. She has worked as a member of International Academy of Ayurveda in various workshops and projects and is a Faculty member for teaching advanced courses of IAA for students outside India. Organizing and working in social health camps conducting lectures and orientation programs in various social events are activities which interests Dr. Shilpa and one can see her working effortlessly towards the same. She has received “Dabur Ayur Medha Awards” for consecutive three years as the best student in B.A.M.S course. She has assisted the authors of various publications of Anmol Prakashan in Ayurvedic Text Books and is currently a Lecturer in Ashtang Ayurved College where she teaches the Subject – Ayurved Samhita.

  • Ayurvedic Physician
  • workshops, Seminars
  • social health camps
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Shatavari Kalpa

Health Tonic
A. All seasons tonic for all age groups
B. Good source of calcium
C. Best antacid to use in hyperacidity
D. Immune booster and appetizer
E. Gynecological supplement
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Brain Tonic
A. It’s a sweet powder containing brahmi, shankhapushp, vacha etc.
B. For increasing dhee (grasping power)
C. Dhruti (concentration)
D. Smruti (memory)
E. Also used in mild Anxiety and depression as a brain tonic
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Alopecia ointment

For hair growth
A. For hair growth on alopecia patches
B. Avoid the recurrence
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Excellent health tonic
A. Excellent health tonic for winter and monsoon
B. Gives immunity power especially for upper respiratory track
C. Gives antioxidants and helps in rejuvenation


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