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12 months ago – my brother and I both began balding (bad genetics anyone?) and decided to find the best hair growth solution for ourselves…

Organic hair thickening products

16th Jan 2024

By Ruhi Joshi

To my horror, I observed hair thinning and severe shedding (300+ strands everyday) 12 months ago. It was the same for my brother (bloody genetics!), and every dermat we consulted said the same thing – start early and don’t wait till the hair loss worsens.

There were a lot of products in the market – but our No. 1 conclusion was that anyone claiming a single shampoo or a biotin capsule can reverse hair fall, is ultimately lying or tricking you.

There is no such thing as a magic drug for hair fall. We know, because we tried them all over 12 months. 

There are pharma drugs such as minoxidil, but the list of side effects (decreasing libido, nausea, shedding, chest pain, even cancer!) was enough to make us faint. Moreover you need to take them for the rest of your lives and basically become a prisoner to the drugs at that point.

We found what worked best for us were holistic natural solutions and regimes to permanently reverse hair loss. There is no other way to put it – reversing hair loss requires patience and improvements inside and out, but if you do it right, you’ll end up with a full head of hair and a fuller life. Just look at us before and after!

We’ve listed down our tried and tested solutions/ regimes in order of effectiveness:

Efficacy: 90%

Results timeline: 3 – 6 months

Safety: 100%

Personalization: 100% (custom quiz selects your regime)

Price: $$$ (a little expensive because they recommend a regime, but as you will read below – totally worth it)

Overall: A+

Only regret – we wish we found this earlier and saved ourselves a lot of anxiety.  

Muni combines ancient ayurveda techniques with super-ingredients like Bhringraj, Turmeric, Licorice Root and Rosemary which are 2X more effective than any pharma drug, without any side effects.

The process is simple – we took a quiz online, found our hair dosha (ayurvedic characteristics) and were recommended a regime (pre-wash oil, shampoo and overnight serum) along with free consultations with top Ayurveda gurus who helped us with secret massage techniques, breathing techniques and dietary changes that turbo-charged our hair growth from the inside out!

The main game-changer? Muni Ayurveda was the only solution that identified root causes before prescribing a solution. My regime had incredible ingredients like Brahmi and Jatamansi which are known to extend the anagen phase of hair, since I was struggling with new baby hair growth. I loved that they were no-bullshit about the fact that this regime needed discipline and consistency to get to the desired outcomes.

If you are keen on effectiveness and quickest results – this is by far the best solution at the moment and you don’t need to go any further.

2. Rahua Pure Power Rituals

Efficacy: 70%

Results timeline: 6+ months

Safety: 100%

Personalization: 30% (fewer bundles to choose from)

Price: $$$$

Overall: B+

Rahua is priced in the luxury category, and offers concentrated hair and scalp care. To be fair, Rahua doesn’t promise reversing hair loss but is more focused on restoring damaged hair. It provides decent hydration and shine. The feel after using the shampoo is soothing. What really attracted us was that it was sourced from Amazonian rainforests (or at least that is what the packaging told us). We used it a few times for the feel of the product, but it has since remained unfinished on my bathroom shelf.

It’s a nice one time buy for its uniqueness, but unfortunately doesn’t do much beyond that.

3. Zain Hair Growth Set

Efficacy: 60%

Results timeline: 8 – 12 months

Safety: 100%

Personalization: 5% (standard packs)

Price: $$$

Overall: B

Zain provides a standard hair growth set (shampoo, conditioner, serum) and does not distinguish or take into account different scalp types, hair types, body characteristics etc. which can tend to be a problem if your scalp type is unique. You might face challenges with build-up, for example, if your scalp type is too oily.

The most unique thing about Zain – it uses snail mucus. Look, we’re all for using naturally derived ingredients, but it is difficult to un-see the ingredient list after this. To be fair to them, the feel of the product is nice and not as slimy as slithery as what the ingredients describe! It has hair growth ingredients like rosemary and castor oil, which can boost effectiveness.

All in all, it’s a bit of a gamble, depending on how much you’re prepared to shell up.

We found that it is the only regime that is in the sweet spot of having effective ayurvedic super-ingredients that are reinforced by Diet and lifestyle reversals that together address the Golden trifecta of reversing hair loss:

  • Stimulating follicles and improving oxygen flow to the scalp with super-ingredients like Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Turmeric and Redensyl (they even provide research backed evidences for these ingredients)
  • Recommendations to reduce stress hormones which extend the telogen phase (or the dying phase of hair) through massage (champis), breathing techniques and improving circadian rhythm

  • Recommendations to improve diets with protein and fibre-rich foods that improve gut health and boost nutrient absorption which is critical for hair growth

Only downside?

You have to be consistent for at least 3 months to see results. It is refreshing to see a brand call this out at the start, instead of making irrational claims about overnight results.

They claim to be inspired by the lifestyles of Munis in the Himalayas who had long, dark, beautiful locks long into their old age. And like them – they want us to be consistent and disciplined about following the regime.

We did. And it worked for us like a charm.

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