Dr. Shilpa V. Thorat

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     Couch Potato to Fitness is a unique 2-months program based on Indian Ayurveda constitution, Indian super foods and simple exercises.  The main aim is to make you fit and happy. Diet is eating properly and on time. It is a lifestyle change. The program aims at guiding you in  easy, healthy-eating techniques to follow throughout your life, instead of merely focusing on a 5 or 10 kg weight loss. Weight loss is a side effect of this program by keeping you healthy and fit.

Program Features

  • Identification of body constitution with pulse reading followed by an Ayurvedic treatment. if necessary.
  • Diet based on local food. It is simple to follow.
  • Exercise guidance will be provided by an expert. Exercises can be done afterwards at home. No fancy equipment needed. Your dedication will give you the results!

Program Details

  • Pulse reading and body constitution analysis by Dr Shilpa Thorat
  • Finding out body composition – fat and muscle %, BMI
  • Diet plan – diet will be planned after you fill up the sheet for 3 days. Diet will be as per your likings and activities. It is completely based on local and seasonal food. It is unique for an individual, and depends upon the body constitution.  It would be also planned as per your age and the body requirements.
  • Exercise plan – unique for individual after the body constitution analysis. The exercises will be done under the guidance of an expert. The expert will teach you the right technique to follow online casinos real money. The exercise won’t require any fancy gym membership. They would be planned as per age, body constitution, the physical activity and the muscle memory. Unique plan for people who are suffering from diseases like BP, Thyroid, Diabetes etc.
  • Tips
       ** Food – do’s and don’ts
       ** Supplements

Other Packages

  • 1 month wellness plan
  • Long duration wellness plan
  • Diet consultation followed by 1 follow up session
  • Exercise consultation followed by 1 follow up session
  • Exercise and diet plan for patients

Special offers

  • Home makers and students   (10% off)
  • Group discount  (10% off)
  • Couple discount  (10% off)
  • Early bird discount  (10% off)
  • Special packages for exercises to do from home.


Dr. Shilpa Thorat

Mon –Sat (normal clinic timing)

Appointment with Dietician

Sat (2-4pm)

Appointment with fitness expert

Tuesday, Thursday    (9.30-1.30pm)


Body constitution expert

Dr Shilpa Thorat

M.D. (Ayurveda) with specialization in SANSKRIT SAMHITA
M.A. Sanskrit 
Diploma in Yoga And Ayurveda 
Nadi Pariksha Expert.
Expert in Panchakarma.
Practising as Ayurved Consultant for last 16 years.

Diet expert

Aarati Marathe

   Aarati Marathe is an IT engineer by profession. She herself learnt good eating in a hard way. Rujuta Diwekar is her idol and she prescribes the diet based on best online slots Rujuta’sfood principals. Making people healthy and fit is her passion. She is a long-distance runner and follows all the steps in this program closely.

   Aarati is currently doing a certification in food and nutrition from IGNOU.

Fitness expert

Sujata Deodhar

   Sujata Deodhar is a fitness trainer from last 20 years. She is a certified fitness trainer from Talwalker’s certified yoga trainer from Kaiwalyadham, and Pune University. She is associated with Boat club gym, Chaitnya Health club, Champion health club, and Symbiosis school in the past. Being a Malkamb player in the school days, she has a speciality in strength training.  She also conducts personal training.

Other Services

Panchkarma Treatment

The panchakarma therapy is essentially designed to restore the integrity of srotas (different channels of the body) system in the body in health and disease.

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Enhances the life span
..Improves the intelligence and memory power
..Promotes health
..Provides youthful state of the body
..Betters the body luster, complexion and voice

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..Gastrointestinal Disorders
..Joint and Muscular disorders
..Anorectal Disease
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Colon Cleansing Programme

It is the detoxification of body by using colon cleaning system like full body massage followed by medicated enemas.
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