Health Tips

Dr. Shilpa V. Thorat

  • Do not consume fish and milk together as they have conflicting properties. Other combinations to avoid are, Jack fruit and milk and Honey and ghee in equal quantities.
  • Never heat curds and honey.
  • Prolonged intake of fruits and milk leads to skin diseases.
  • Proper diet,sleep and controlled abstinence are the three pillars of human life. (Charak)
  • Siesta or afternoon sleep is not advisable as they increase Kapha and Pitta which is unhealthy.
  • Drinking water before your meals helps in reducing weight whereas drinking water after the meals increases weight. It is best to drink water in between meals as it helps in digestion.
  • Boiled water is advised during cough,cold,newfever,sinusitis,food toxins,(ama) and obesity.
  • Hot water ignites digestive fire and helps in digestion thereby improving laryngeal efficicency and sound and helps clean the bladder.
  • Cows milk is the best for health as it rejuvenates and helps improve memory,lactation,assimiliation of good anti pitta edicine,dysurea,newfever,cough and cold.
  • Coconut water is sweet and easy to digest. It helps in vata and pitta diseases. Ignites digestive fire and acts as a cleanser for bladder as a diuretic.
  • Buffalo milk is heavy to digest and increases weight,aggravateskapha and is not good for memory.
  • To have a petal of garlic everyday is good for heart as it reduces cholesterol. Ayurved considers it useful in fractures of bones, hair fall , asthama, cough and sinusitis
  • Onion prevents early aging and helps in digestion
  • Grapes are supposed tp be the best fruit as it is good tonic for eyes, reduces pitta and helps in digestion.It is good for patients with cough and asthama.
  • Exercise gives stability and strength to the body.
  • We have to practice exercise slowly. Excess exertion to the body leads to pain and discomfort in the body. Fast brisk and large amounts of exercise cannot make you fit in one day. You need to practice daily and gradually increase the time and type of body exercise.
  • Excess physical exertion beyond the capcity or tolerance of your body damages it first and fast
    Practising “suryanamaskar” daily is good for the health and will keep you fit ,healthy and wealthy for years to come.