Dr. Shilpa V. Thorat

Why Colon Cleaning is required

Life style is changing tremendously for all age groups nowadays. Bad eating habits, excess junk food, aeriated drinks, lack of exercise are few reasons which makes your 22 ft. intestine full of undigested food matter, Gases, acids. These food toxins cause following symptoms in a healthy individual.

These symptoms cannot be traced in any of the investigations.

  • Heaviness in body
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Bad breath
  • Gases
  • Faul smelling stools with constipation and sticky motions.


In such cases colon Cleaning Program is beneficial for:

  • Helps in cleaning intestine.
  • Reducing Vata complaints.
  • Improving digestion.
  • Reducing weight.
  • Improve Stamina



3/5/7 days schedule



?    Day 1 Full body massage+ oil enema + shirodhara

?    Day2 Full body massage + kadha enema+ padabhyanga

?    Day3 Full body massage+ oil enema+ shirodhara.



Basti is a treatment from Panchakarma in which medicated kadha and oil is put alternative day inside the colon through the anal opening. It is allowed to stay there and returns withal toxins, worms, gases etc. by cleaning the intestine.